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American Arborvitae | Apricot | Arnica | Argan Tree

American Arborvitae
Habitat : Eastern North America

Who would have thought that the thick garden hedge which protects our privacy not only keeps out prying eyes but also has potent medicinal properties? The dense, evergreen arborvitae can reach a height of up to 30 meters and can be trimmed into any shape desired. Because of its scale-like leaves it looks like a conifer from the distance, an impression reinforced by the smooth cone-like, yellowish-brown fruits sitting on the tips of the branches.


The shoot tips of the arborvitae are used medicinally. The essential oil contained in them has antiviral action and stimulates the immune system. However, the correct dosage is important. In high concentrations thujone, the main constituent of the oil, irritates the skin and can lead to cramps and bleeding of the internal mucous membranes. It has been employed as an embrocation for the treatment of rheumatism. As homeopathic remedy Thuja occidentalis is used for treatment of rheumatism, colds, skin rashes and neuralgia. An essence is effective for treatment of warts.

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