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Volume Mascara
Dr.Hauschka's new Volume Mascaras create thick, intense lashes. The special lash-building brush also helps to prevent eyelashes from clumping. This fast-drying black mascara thickens and define lashes naturally. Dr.Hauschka Volume Mascaras are dermatologically and opthalmologically tested, so are suitable for use by contact lens wearers.
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Eyeshadow Duo
Enhance the warmth and colour of your eyes. These soft, iridescent colour combinations work together to accentuate shape and capture the sparkle of the eyes. The five eyeshadow colour combinations, inspired by the natural radiance of the skin, combine rose extract and silk to be gentle and nurturing to the tender skin around the eyes. Light and dark shades unify, creating colourful expressions
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Kajal Eyeliner
Accentuate and highlight the natural beauty and shape of your eyes. The colour pigments are fused with supple quince wax for smooth, effortless application. The colour has the exceptional ability to stay vivid and fresh throughout the day.
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Natural Mascara give eyelashes a silky, lush and vital colour. Rose and jojoba waxes protect the fine lashes while extracts of neem and tea leaves fortify. Extract of the healing eyebright plant soothes the sensitive, allergyprone area around the eye. Ideal for wearers of contact lenses.


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